Getting the most out of Andante Pro

Published 12/15/2020

Andante Pro has a lot of neat features, and there's lots of things you can do to take advantage of them that isn't necessarily obvious. I thought I'd write about how I personally use these features in the hopes that it can shine some light on what you can do with Andante Pro!

Session Notes

With Session Notes, you can jot down ideas during and after a session. You'll see a thought bubble icon next to sessions that have any notes, and you can filter your sessions to only see sessions with notes so you can easily refer back to you notes.

I like to write down what I practiced during the session as well as any thoughts I had. If there's something I know I want to refer back to later, I favorite the session so I can easily find it again later.

Multiple Profiles

I practice violin mainly, but I also like to practice piano on the side. It's nice to keep the two profiles separate so I can see my stats/streaks for each of them. With multiple profiles, I'm able to wrap my head around how much I'm practicing so much more easily.

Tip: On iPhone, you can press and hold the Home tab to quickly switch between profiles.

Journal Folders

I love staying organized with journal folders, especially on iPad where all your folders are layed out in the sidebar. I don't write a lot about my practicing, but when I do it's important to me to stay organized and clear. I keep a separate folder for lesson notes, pieces I'm working on, and general thoughts.

Tip: You can drag to reorder both journal entries and folders, and you can drag a folder into another to move all its entries!

Practice Tuner

I'm a violinist, so intonation is extremely important (and extremely difficult). I used to use a Spotify album of cello drones to practice scales over, and that inspired me to make the Practice Tuner. It uses looping cello samples to create an infinite cello drone, and you can easily change the pitch and volume.

Practice Reminders

Having a routine is important. With practice reminders, you can set as many recurring reminders as you want so you never forget to practice.

Export Practice Log

Andante offers some pretty nice stats, but with a CSV file of your practice data there's nothing you can't do. CSV files are read and interpreted by essentially all data analytics/visualization programs.

I'd love to see what kind of insights you can get from exporting your data. If you have something cool, send me an email at!

I hope this gives you some ideas of how to get the most out of Andante Pro! Don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions or suggestions.