What's next for Andante

Published 1/30/2020

I want to keep everyone in the loop with my priorities as I continue developing Andante. I've been getting a lot of really excellent feature requests, many of which I've already been working on! While I can't promise a date for any of these features, I can promise I am working hard on bringing them to life.

iCloud Sync

Syncing across devices is by far the most requested feature for Andante. I can safely say this is my top priority, and I'm getting closer and closer to being able to release the update. I'll be using iCloud to sync across devices, meaning as long as you are signed in to you iPhone or iPad, it will automatically start syncing! No Andante account or anything like that needed.

Mac App

Once iCloud sync is in place, having Andante on all your devices will be extremely useful. You can write in your journal more efficiently with a keyboard, and you can see your sessions and goals on any device. The Mac opens up a whole world of power-usage, with menus and keyboard shortcuts (which will also be ported to the iPad version).

Teacher Sharing

A lot of teachers have been reaching out saying they'd love to be able to see students' practice logs. There are many ways to do this, from weekly reports that can be shared to an entirely separate teacher app that connects to Andante. As I keep thinking about how it will work, feel free to send me ideas!

Upgraded Practice Tools

Right now the practice tools, like the metronome and drone tuner, are the bare minimum. While the simplicity is extremely important, there's a lot of room to expand on each tool and make them more and more useful. One thing I definitely plan on implementing is support for separate audio recordings which you can name and easily refer back to. Figuring out how to implement more complex tools without sacrificing the simplicity and ease of use will be a challenge, but one of my top priorities going forward.

What would you like to see?

There's so much more than what I wrote about here that I have planned, and I am always open to feature requests! Don't hesitate to contact me if anything comes to mind.